Speereo Voice Launcher

Speereo Voice Launcher for WM Touchscreen 1.0

Open applications and web pages using voice commands


  • Handy Today screen plug-in
  • Facilitates voice input in any language
  • Quick and easy to configure


  • Doesn't work well if there's background noise
  • Annoying floating toolbar interface


First came the keypad, then the touchscreen, and now voice input is being touted as the new revolution in smartphone interfaces.

Speereo Voice Launcher allows you to open applications and documents through voice commands. Setting this up is a surprisingly quick and painless affair. You just need to set the Applications and Web sites that you want to assign voice commands to, then speak the command you want to use into your device. Then, when you want to open that app or site you just need to hold down one of the handware buttons (you can configure which one yourself) then speak the command to open the app.

The good thing about the voice recognition system in Speereo Voice Launcher is that it is based on your own voice and phrases of your choice, rather than preset commands. This means you can configure it in any language and with any command. The recognition works quite well, as long as you're not somewhere with lots of background noise. You'll find that you need to talk clearly, slowly and with precision for the program to work best.

Speereo Voice Launcher comes in the form of a Today screen plug-in and a floating toolbar, either of which can be disabled or enabled. The plug-in is great because it gives you shortcuts to contacts, tasks, games, calendar, etc. from one bar, meaning you can hide most of the existing items on the Today screen to free up space.

I found the floating toolbar in Speereo Voice Launcher to be rather annoying, mainly due to the fact that it sits right in the middle of the screen and cannot be picked up and moved around.

Aside from a few quirks though, Speereo Voice Launcher provides a novel new way to control Windows Mobile.

Speereo Voice Launcher


Speereo Voice Launcher for WM Touchscreen 1.0

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